They talk about us

".... activity that is constantly evolving, in search of innovation and excellent quality. Direct knowledge for years and great esteem. I personally use some of their products, which I often recommend to colleagues, friends and students ...

Antonio Sicoli

“... is undoubtedly one of the best and most innovative craftsmen currently on the market. I personally use some of his trumpet accessories and recommend them to my colleagues and students ... "

Andrea Tofanelli

Thanks to DM Brass for his work. I use the viewer and the coach a lot, and I consider them indispensable for a good progress of the vibration therefore of the sound. Congratulations and thank you for the service you offer. With admiration and friendship "

Massimo La Rosa

I find DmBrass products very interesting. They are well made. The best part is that you can make changes and customize. Staff open to any advice and improvement. I highly recommend.

Antonello Mazzucco

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